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Rental Policy and Agreement

The Campus Shop is offering a textbook rental program for select courses at Western Technical College. This textbook rental program provides another option for students looking to save money on their textbook costs. Rental textbooks are available for select courses only, and in limited quantities.

Textbook Rental Agreement

  1. I am renting and am in receipt of the book(s) shown on the receipt. I have paid the non-refundable rental fee, and understand that the return policies of the store also apply to rental items. I acknowledge that the book, whether new or used, is in good condition.
  2. I acknowledge the non-return replacement cost and replacement fee that appear on the receipt.
  3. I will return the book to the Campus Shop no later than the rental return due date.
  4. I will return the book in good salable condition as determined by the Campus Shop. All CD's and other component parts included with this book must be present as determined by the store upon return. Very limited highlighting and writing are acceptable.
  5. I am responsible for the risk of loss from any cause including theft, lost item(s), damage caused by liquids, fire, tooth marks, missing components, spine damage, or return in unsalable condition.
  6. If I am late or if I fail to return the book, I will pay the Campus Shop the non-return replacement cost and non-return processing fee as shown on the receipt and any applicable sales taxes, at any time after the rental return due date. I authorize the Campus Shop to withdraw/charge the same debit/credit card (or student account) that was left as the deposit account to make this payment.
  7. I will not exceed the limit or cancel the credit or debit card above until all the rental materials are returned to the Campus Shop.

Campus Shop Textbook Rental Policy

    1. Students must present their student ID at time of the rental. Only students with a valid Student ID may rent textbooks.
    2. Students must rent their own textbooks. A student may not use another student's ID cart to rent textbooks.
    3. Each student is responsible for the textbooks he or she rents and must adhere to all terms and conditions in the rental agreement and this policy.
    4. The cost of the textbook rental is not included as part of tuition.
    1. Rented textbooks are to be returned to the Campus Shop.
    2. A student ID or other picture identification card is required for rental textbook return.
    3. Rented textbooks must be returned to the Campus Shop no later than 3:00 p.m. on the return date as stated on the Rental Agreement.
    1. A student whose rented textbooks are not returned by 3:00 p.m. on the semester's return date will have the replacement cost of the rented textbook, applicable sales taxes, and a $10.00 processing fee per unreturned rental textbook charged to the student's charge card/student account. The replacement cost of a rental textbook is the textbook's replenishment cost from the publisher.
    1. If a rented textbook(s) is lost or stolen the student will be responsible for replacement cost of the rented textbook plus applicable sales taxes and will be charged to the student's credit card/student account.
    2. Students will have seven(7) days from the date they rent a textbook in which to inspect the rental textbook for damage or excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking and if found, reporting it to the Campus Shop. If the student fails to report any pre-existing damage or excessive highlighting, underlining or marking within the 7-day period, the student shall be deemed to have accepted the rental textbook in its then current condition. This may result in the textbook's replacement cost plus applicable sales taxes being charge to the student's credit card/student account when the textbook is returned.
    3. Excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking textbooks is not allowed and may result in the new textbook replacement cost plus applicable sales taxes being added to the student's credit card/student account when the rental is returned.
    4. Bookstore staff decisions as to condition of text and supplements are final.

If you have any questions about this policy relating to your particular situation, it is important to consult the Campus Shop at 608.785.9140.