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Cengage Unlimited Information

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cengage Unlimited?

Cengage Unlimited is a digital subscription service that allows students unlimited digital access to all of the digital ebook and study tools Cengage has to offer.  This unlimited service is available to students starting at cost of $119.99 per semester no matter how many Cengage materials you use.

How much does Cengage Unlimited cost?

Cengage Unlimited costs $119.99 per semester, $179.99 per year, or $239.99 for a two-year subscription.  Students are given the options above to purchase the subscription that will fulfill their educational needs

What course materials are included with a Cengage Unlimited Subscription?

A Cengage Unlimited Subscription allows a student digital access to Cengage’s full library of products including over 22,000 digital learning products, ebooks, and study tools.

How does Cengage Unlimited work?

1.      Sign Up:  Purchase the Cengage Unlimited Subscription of your choice.

2.      Access: Using the access code provided upon purchase will allow the student to access Cengage’s digital library of products.

3.      Keep: When the subscription ends students can keep up to six textbooks in their “digital locker” for up to one year at no cost.

What if I’m interested in print materials such as textbooks or loose-leaf books?

If your instructor is using a digital platform such as WebAssign or MindTap a student is able to order a print rental from Cengage for $7.99 + free shipping with every activated course.

What happens if I purchase Cengage Unlimited and drop a course?

Students who purchase a subscription have free access for the first two weeks of the course.  After this two week trial period there is no refund if a student drops the course or no longer needs the product.

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