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Buyback Info

Buyback refers to texts that you have already used, and feel you no longer need for your academic climb. These textbooks from previous semesters can be sold back at the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters during specified dates. A table will be set up outside of the Campus Shop for the Buyback. Simply bring your textbooks to the buyer and they will determine the appropriate buyback amount.

  • The Campus Shop pays 50% of the New textbook cost provided the textbook will be used the next semester and we are not overstocked on the particular textbook.
  • If the book does not meet these criteria, the prices paid will be determined by current national demand. Please note that if a text is going into a new edition, demand for the old text drops to zero, as does the value of that text.
  • Study Guides and workbooks MUST be in "like new" condition without any writing on their pages. Passwords will NOT be accepted back if the seal has been broken.
  • All materials that originally came with the text must be returned with the text, or the value of your book will be affected.
  • All books must be in good condition, with no missing pages, no damaged spines, and no water damage.
  • Defective texts can NOT be returned for replacement exchange during Buyback time.

Online Buyback Options

The Campus Shop also partners with our textbook partners to offer online textbook buybacks.  Please click on the link below to access these buyback opportunities.

MBS Buyback
Nebraska Buyback

These buybacks are operated by third party vendors and are not affiliated with the Campus Shop.