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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Course Materials Online

How do I purchase my course materials online?

 Students can begin their textbook order by clicking here and using your class schedule begin selecting the courses you're enrolled in.  We also have an ordering tutorial that students find helpful as well.  Please click here to access that tutorial.

Where do I find my class schedule?

Class schedules can be found on a students MyWestern page.  Please click here for instructions on how to find your class schedule.

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for my course materials?

Students that are eligible to use finanical aid can charge their textbooks towards their aid. At the end of the checkout process please select "financial aid" as the payment option and enter your nine digit student ID number. For questions regarding charging eligibility and date that finanical aid charges are open please click here.

Can I use financial aid to purchase items besides textbooks?

Students that are eligible to use finanical aid can charge up to $100 of additional supplies towards their financial aid. Items that can be charged include backpacks, flash drives, lab coats, safety glasses, school supplies, and many other items. Items that cannot be charged at this time include Western apparel not required for class and various spirit items. If a student needs an iPad those can also be charged and that amount is not counted towards the additional $100 worth of supplies.

What shipping methods are available?

Currently the Campus Shop offers a few shipping methods for students to choose from. We offer Curbside Pickup at our La Crosse campus, free shipping to our regional locations, e-mail (for access codes), and ship-to-home using UPS tracking. For more information on each particular service visit our shipping information by clicking here.

I chose to have my access codes emailed to me, how do I receive those codes?

Students who order access codes can choose to have them emailed to them. The access codes are not emailed instantly but are sent when we process the order (generally 24-48 hours after the order is placed) along with the receipt and recommendations on how to redeem the access code. The information will be sent to the email address provided on the order.

Some of my course materials say Required, Recommended, or Optional. What does that mean?

  • Required: These items are required textbooks or materials for your course.
  • Recommended: These items are not required for the course but are materials that may assist a student in the course or with their textbook purchase. For example a binder may be listed as a recommended item because a textbook is a loose-leaf book.
  • Optional: Items marked optional are not needed for the course but may be helpful tools to assist with the course.

How long does it take my order to be completed?

Generally the Campus Shop processes orders 24-48 hours after we receive them. Orders are processed during normal business hours Monday-Friday. Orders placed Friday afternooon or over the weekend will begin processing on Monday in the order they were received.

My book list says "Pick One", which one should I choose?

If your book list says "Pick One" it means that you will only need to choose one of the items listed, not both. If a student is taking multiple courses using Cengage Unlimited the best value may be to choose the Cengage Unlimited option. If this is the only course a student is taking using Cengage products then the best option may be to choose the access code for the individual course.

What does OER mean and should I get the optional book?

"OER" stands for Open Educational Resource. These course materials are generally available online free of charge. The optional book is not required but is offered for students who may prefer a physical textbook for their educational purposes.

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